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A collection of sexy underwear

Mariah Carey confessed that she collects sexy underwear. The diva has recently lost around 30 pounds, stunning critics and fans alike, and is raring to splash out on racy lingerie to show off her fabulous new figure. She said, “Typically, I throw on some comfortable pyjamas, or perhaps some boxers and a little tank, and just call it a day and go to sleep. If we are feeling extra good about ourselves after our little diet, I might like another type of ensemble. I kind of collect lingerie. I collect perfume bottles, all things feminine.”

On a recent trip to the Italian island of Capri, the celebrity revealed that she couldn’t help treating herself to several expensive pieces of underwear. She told US talk show host Oprah Winfrey, “Sometimes I’ll find things there that they don’t have here.” She credits her personal trainer (whom she flies from the Caribbean to New York), swimming and a sensible diet as the reasons for her incredible figure.

“Working out and being on a diet has made me feel healthier, so that’s a good thing. What’s great about working out in the pool is that the water acts as a resistance, so you’re actually exercising twice as hard without feeling it.”


British men are lucky

Mariah Carey admits that British men are more attractive to her. The “Touch My Body” singer has delared that she prefers the “suaveness” of UK men, and also revealed an unlikely crush. She told Britain’s New! magazine, “I adore British men – and I rather fancy Prince Charles. He is suave, educated and is a great role model.”

The star also added that she was impressed with Darius Dane’s performance as Rhett Butler in the new London musical of “Gone With The Wind”. She even said that the Pop Idol star was “great-looking” and that she “liked him a lot”.

The diva has recently said that she finds it hard to trust men because she does not know who is genuine and who just wants to be a part of the Mariah circus. “You don’t know who is here for the glamour, for the gossip factor. You really just want to know that somebody loves you for you. Sometimes you feel like an ATM machine with a wig on it,” the singer lamented.


Mariah is now sexy as ever

The 38-year-old diva has revealed that nowadays, she can fit in her high school jeans. The singer has lost so much weight that her fans are amazed and looking forward to seeing her back to her old sexy form. She now has the figure she claimed she had when she was sixteen thanks to an intensive diet and training regime. She flies her personal trainer from the Caribbean to New York for training sessions. Talk about the lifestyles of the rich and famous, huh? Anyway, the singer has said that she is currently using the Morsel Diet, her won creation, and that the program helped her before. “I kind of invented it. Basically you can have a tiny bit of everything you want – but it has to be less than a forkful,” she said.

Mariah added that she might do a workout video so she can share how she lost her weight with the rest of the world. She said, “I might be doing a workout video, which will be fun, so I can show how I achieved my goal. Although I’ve lost weight I still have my curves!” She confessed that she decided to exercise and slim down after seeing photos of herself looking out of shape. Her close friends also encouraged her to lose weight.

Although she worked really hard and gave up a lot of comfort food to get her desired weight, Mariah does not think that people should obsess about their weight. She stated, “I think people should be a size that they are comfortable with. It’s about feeling good and being comfortable in your own skin. The thing with me is that because I am constantly having my picture taken and am on TV I could see that I really did need to lose some of the bulk. Right now, I feel really great. I feel better than I’ve ever felt.”


Certified diva

A diva is defined as a talented female singer. But a second definition of the word is like that of a prima donna’s: someone extremely difficult to work with. Mariah Carey loves being called a diva. No wonder, because she is extremely talented and is also renowned for making outrageous demands. She fits the definition of the word perfectly. The singer takes it as a compliment to have that reputation because it means that she is successful.

Despite her reputation, Mariah does not think that she makes enough demands. The pop star told Parade magazine, “You know what? I guess I am a diva in many ways! When it comes certain things, yes, I can be difficult and a little bit rigid about what I want. Am I demanding? I don’t think I’m demanding enough. I think if I were more demanding, I would have felt that I had some sort of power, as opposed to feeling like a pawn, which is something I had to grow out of.”


Mariah does not trust men

Mariah Carey finds it difficult to form new relationships because of her distrust in men. The singer was divorced from Tommy Mottola in 1998, and she is paranoid that potential lovers will post compromising footage of her on the Internet.

The 38-year-old singer said, “We live in a world of extremely high technology so it is difficult for me to trust anybody.” She vowed to hunt down anyone who posts personal footage of her in video sharing websites like YouTube.

In 2005, controversial rapper Eminem played concert crowds a voicemail he claimed Mariah left him. The singer was heard to say on the voicemail: “I heard you were getting back with your ex-wife. Why won’t you see me? Why won’t you call me? You’re not calling me.” The rapper allegedly dated Mariah briefly, but the singer insists that they never had a sexual relationship of any sort.